The Book

The book is a milestone in healing. It is a real story from the 20th century and the 20th century is where the change in healing occurs. It is a fascinating story where the role of healer stealthily approaches and envelopes its victim so to speak. The unsuspecting entity of John is involved in one uncharacteristic incident after another so the story evolves just as a classic whodunit. The clues are coming thick and fast and from where??? So there is mystery with fact. Many incidents which seem miraculous. And strangely will be explained only after many years have passed. It is a study in learning and perception and intuition and life itself as lives are saved or restored. There is no other story like this. But there will be! This is a story to start stories. Many of the readers will suddenly start to recognise factors in their lives as having a different meaning from what they automatically accepted. There was of course a book “The Celestine Prophesy” which dramatised the first part of such a process. The Healers Story takes up from where the Celestine Prophesy left off.

The basic story behind this is still the need for real healing today where the age will be known as the “sickness age” in history books of the future. It is an age where the amassing of great fortunes from Chemical and drug dominance is headlines and the proletariat are fed to the lions in the process. The popularisation of indigestible substances is a highly organised process followed by the management of the ensuing ailments at a massive price and discomfort to the afflicted. The age displays effective brainwashing of the human race at an unprecedented level. So the healer today has lost the solemn and revered dignity and wisdom of the yesteryear and will evolve as an ordinary bloke, chap or mate. He or she will realise from sets of circumstances, what they need to know and understand. Intuition will play a part as the many sets of circumstances unfold, a little training and lots of study. The resultant healer will go about their lives in an ordinary way but by word or deed will impact the lives of many in a positive way. Many times this will be unnoticed by either party. Here is the new healer! There is no wish to undermine the activities of the professional alternative therapy practitioners at all in fact we support them. It is part of our job to recommend them to people who can benefit from the connection. The practitioners have to derive a living from their work and their healing must have a price. The healer is often a free introductory service.

So what does a healer do in this day and age? There are of course variations based on the level of expertise in specific areas of health but the modern “sickie” needs nutrition, needs energy support and needs information guidance so the healer needs a little knowledge in almost all aspects of natural health. It is easy really in that everything goes back to evolution or creation as the recipient sees it and then without too much interference from man. So what is good for us now was good for us 100 or 1000 or 10000 years ago. Our bodies developed along the same paths as our nutrition in each area where humans lived. The only change to today is that nutrients can be transported across the world in a short time so we should be much healthier.

So where do I get this wonderful book?
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