Stories Continue

The stories are continueing maybe not as fast as they were while the instruction period was happening, but certainly on a regular basis and then there are two years to catch up on since the book was written. Then of course in the years to come we will establish a health resort in Thailand. The resort will use staff trained in Thai Traditional Therapies by the University at Chiang Rai. Added to this will be nutritional care and some western natural health modalities which can be taught in Thailand. Once this happens the stories will come thick and fast. Then of course we will start filming and even make movies from the material. Many people who cannot attend can be helped by a movie showing all the steps. There are other healers growing in confidence as we speak and so communication with them will reveal many more stories.

So the member can expect a regular flow of stories and please feel free to ask questions. As you go through life you will note more and more people complaining about their sickness. Now in the past you have shut off to these conversations as boring . But now you will think I have heard of someone reversing that sickness really easily. So you can tell these people they need not suffer. Other times you will think “I wonder if there is an easy cure for that” Of course time will tell and being involved at the thought process level takes the fear out of life and makes it more enjoyable to live. So you will be glad to hear that we are actually combing Thailand at the moment for the appropriate place to put the resort. So you may ask why Thailand? Well their traditional therapies are very close to the western ones. Maybe even better! In western countries it is illegal to cure anyone of any of the major illnesses.

You are interested for any one of a number of reasons so give the membership a try. Sometimes you may feel it is a little more of a donation than a membership and then a story will turn up which will light up your life. thanks for joining us. We do understand that those who join us have a love of life and a greater love of those who are in it. You are helping us do important work.


Ulrike ( Riki) Kretschmar tells the beautiful story of his dog. A healing story!! “She was a beautiful white standard poodle by the name of Kate. She was brought to my place by the previous owner at 19 months of age. This person stated that she did not fit into her breeding program and I could have her.When I first saw her She weighed 22 lbs.( good weight was 60 lbs ), had open running sores all over her body and stood with her front legs pointing in different directions and so roached she looked like a camel.She had black scabs from eyes to nose.. I felt so sorry for her I had to keep her!. Any person in their right mind would not have kept her unless they had unlimited resources for vet bills — or—had the ability to see the beautiful animal both in body and spirit. Luckily I had the latter! With proper food and love she blossomed into a dog so beautiful that I was stopped by top breeders to ask he back ground an by just about every one else to see if they could smooch with her — from little girls who would not let go of her for hours, to disabled senior in wheel chairs where she would gently lay her head into their laps.Organic food,(NO grains) Raw bones an NO vaccinations for the rest of her life. OH, by the way did I mention that her previous owner was a Vet?”

Sorry Vets I know that most of you are wonderful but next to us there is always a lost but redeemable soul.

TODAYS STORY 20/11/2014 before 11am
Todays story Wow it is the world just moving at the right pace for healing. I like that. Todays story is the story of Elloise from France a video or movie photographer. I had arrived in Chiang Rai early in the morning and found my way to Chat house which is a very basic but comfortable backpacker type establishment. My room is bedroom/bathroom with everything I need. I had checked in and cleaned up just a little and went for a walk to the markets to get a little food which included a coconut. The milk did not last long and I went to reception to ask to borrow a spoon. I had to wait and almost automatically approached a young lady. Well 29!! I joined her in trivial conversation for a few minutes and she said a few things about healthy food which prompted me to give her a card. The subject changed rapidly to her thyroid which the doctors wanted to operate on for Polyps (check this one). Hashimotos and hypothyroid came up. So I offered her a treatment which went beautifully. A mass of feeling and lots of discussion on what to do and what to avoid. She spoke English very well. Boyfriend is a farmer. She has promised to keep in touch so we will see!!

Todays story some day after coming back from Philippines.
. I do not ever know what to expect but this morning I met a lady on the way to the train. She was middle aged and chinese. A little discussion and it turned out she was a medical research scientist and as I am still very annoyed at the treatment being received by some of my close neighbours who are about to die from cancer, I gave her a little blast about the ineffectiveness of our medical system including the research. I was explaining that as a cross between a stonemason and carpenter, I could heal people better than the doctors. I am now truly apologetic but then I kept quiet for a while and looked out the windows. Just before I reached my stop she turned to me and gave me a small piece of paper with her phone number and email address on it. At the time of writing I do not know what this means but she did say she might see me in the Philippines as I did also mention the possibility of setting up my first health retreat there. So follow this story and see where it takes us. But of course I have sent out for such meetings for some time. Since that time I have spoken with the lady by phone and she has insisted that she visit the healing retreat once it is open. Just imagine actual natural health research with a meaning and no vested interests.

Another day another story and it seems that last year i was offered a personal improvement interview and actually had part of one at an airport on the way from somewhere to somewhere else. So this year a rep rang again and we set a time. she asked if she could do the phone interview. Unlike many people I had most of the bases covered and the interview became one of comparisons and mutuality. It turns out the lady had been interviewing many famous people on television and was taken with the plans for the future. So she has offered to visit the health retreat as well in the role of a movie maker. Now we have this huge responsibility to achieve in order to receive all these wonderful offers.

Todays story and back to healing, well almost. I was driving around the Gold Coast chasing up some parts for a project. The car windows were open and the blaring radio could only be heard when I stopped for a red light. I heard a small part of an advertisement beckoning me to a shop I had been many times before on the chance of getting a bargain on something I wanted although not that day. Curiosity? I arrived at the store and looked around for a little while and no real specials apart from an interest free bonus. Before I left A sales lady approached me and I mentioned my interest and the details of my requirements. She was 25 and clearly had a low functioning thyroid. She was quite astounded that I could speak so positively about the reversal after many trips to the doctor and only diagnosis of normal. It has obviously been seriously worrying to her for quite some time and as I departed I could see the tears welling up in her eyes. Hopefully tears of joy at finding out there was a clear direction to healing. Maybe I will connect again?