Start Healing

Start healing today. From day one all you need is a change in understanding. many people have the attitude anyway. in fact it is ridiculous the number whose inclination to help others is supressed. A processed version of the old school peer pressure is at play. The change in understanding brings about an effort to gently avoid those from whence it comes until the pressure builds up in reverse and changes them. Positive is actually stromger than negative. Maybe an overlap from the survival instinct to also preserve the liveable status of others.
It is a collective approach that is needed because the theory of selling what you have and giving to the poor can be a little harsh even for the healer. It is amasing what actually flows to you without being sought although often needed just because your focus is on healing. Now in this day and age the value of your positive and helpful services, no matter how apparently trivial, goes way beyond the almighty dollar value. I have many times contributed from a half hour to two hours and changed someones life permanently for the better, where even hundreds of thousands of dollars of medical or psychological services had already fallen short or would have in the future. The area of health is where it is at today. there is always some organisation which will come up with the the wherewithall for survival without desperation. Desperation is often just a state of mind where the conditions of the day cloud over the possibilities of the future.
So back to our purpose at hand in the field of health. Attend to your own comfort and wellbeing with some purpose as a sick healer is probably as usefull as a sock in a thong. Eliminate waste from your life giving rather than allowing to sit idle. Then for the purpose of promoting health it is the decision to accumulate knowledge and the gradual acceptance of intuition. Tidy up these little matters and you are a healer!!. Well there are some considerations and clarifications required but for the most part they will conveniently fall into place. Health is what everyone needs in the developed world and it is information and an occasional slight of hand which is depriving millions of just that. They are sick because they have not the right information. you make the difference because you begin to accept it. One piece of information and a few stories to back it up can help hundreds of people in a year. you will dismiss passing it on as “nothing” and they will try it because you have offered the information. They will get much helthier and eventually forget they had that particular health problem. Very strange! don’t you think? Hardly anyone notices what is happening and yet you have become a healer! So then you can move on at your own pace to pick up more and more information to pass on. It is also so logical that you will not believe that people have been convinced that the opposite is the truth. But the power of money and the media changes everything. A little greed thrown into the equation makes it worth the effort for those who carry out the brainwashing.
So the real healer will go a long way further, becoming proficient at a number of more hands on practices but there is no hurry as most people advised to see a particular type of practitioner, will be happy to do so. And of course we as healers are not there to deprive practitioners of an income, in fact it is part of our mandate to promote that at least for the good ones.

22 In the process of moving toward healing! A part of the story written by Darina

My dear, thank you for your letter,

I was interested to read it. But apparently, though I do not have that gift as you.

I find it difficult to understand all the things that you have written. Yes, of course I’ll try to figure it out eventually …

but not yet. I’m sorry, but I can not say that I was able to understand the essence of healing ..

Man, what is this creature, for what purpose he came to our planet, what is its mission?

Probably, people came to this earth to develop, grow spiritually, gain experience, wisdom and knowledge.

Many people try to develop myself, read books, play sports, draw pictures, write poems, etc.

But, nevertheless, human growth occurs when it overcomes difficulties reaches certain goals in life.

Man must learn to live in harmony with ourselves, with others, with nature, and it’s not so easy.

At the moment, very few people are in the balance and balance with yourself.

In most cases, the person experiences negative emotions, when unexpected events for him.

Many are now in constant fear and stress, anxiety often does not sleep at night, and that bothers?

Concerned about our thoughts, so it is important to learn to control their thoughts and emotions.

Often we think about life, discussing other people who have done something wrong. And who knows how to do it right! Nobody.

A person should seek, create, build, operate.

Do not mistake the one who does nothing, so each of us has to go with his head held high on life, and not be afraid of the unknown and incomprehensible.

I think about it often. Yet all is not given to me easily.

I will try, I will try to become higher in the understanding of what you tell me. Do not blame me for what I do not understand yet.

Your Darina