Healing Importance

We have touched on this in previous pages but the fact remains that is probably the most important work which needs to be done today. The western world lives to a large extent in living knowledge oblivion. Our life skills are no longer understood as they should be. Almost everything we need to thrive is the opposite of what we believe. All the nutritional requirements have been changed to suit the big business. The medical treatments of today are what makes money and once you are in the system it is very hard to get out because you cannot find who to trust. You get a little sicker each year and take a few more pills and the doctor is doing the best he can. This is evidenced by obesity and diabetes rates approaching 60% in most countries. When both are easy to cure by going back a few years before sugar and wheat were processed as well as they are today.
So Healing is the only answer and healing needs to be a mixture of understanding of as many factors as possible which have been neglected in the recent evolution of the average human. Starting with nutrition and moving on to fitness or at least exercise, adding the forgotten or obliterated supplements and a basic group of treatment modalities, which will be effective in detoxing and encouraging body regeneration. Now that is a big ask because the removal of any of the factors could extend the treatment time by years. So a reasonable level of understanding is needed not necessarily a total understanding.
Many of the methods in themselves will make a difference and sometimes very little to change a life so it is not miserable. Add a bottle of probiotic each week or cut out eating anything with wheat in it. When the serious illness strikes it is necessary to make all the changes and then the time frame for reversal is really only a couple of months. Then people can make a choice. Drift back to what made them sick or concentrate on staying healthy.