Healing Articles

Ulrike ( Riki) Kretschmar tells the beautiful story of his dog. A healing story!! “She was a beautiful white standard poodle by the name of Kate. She was brought to my place by the previous owner at 19 months of age. This person stated that she did not fit into her breeding program and I could have her.When I first saw her She weighed 22 lbs.( good weight was 60 lbs ), had open running sores all over her body and stood with her front legs pointing in different directions and so roached she looked like a camel.She had black scabs from eyes to nose.. I felt so sorry for her I had to keep her!. Any person in their right mind would not have kept her unless they had unlimited resources for vet bills — or—had the ability to see the beautiful animal both in body and spirit. Luckily I had the latter! With proper food and love she blossomed into a dog so beautiful that I was stopped by top breeders to ask he back ground an by just about every one else to see if they could smooch with her — from little girls who would not let go of her for hours, to disabled senior in wheel chairs where she would gently lay her head into their laps.Organic food,(NO grains) Raw bones an NO vaccinations for the rest of her life. OH, by the way did I mention that her previous owner was a Vet?”

Sorry Vets I know that most of you are wonderful but next to us there is always a lost but redeemable soul.