Goals For the Future


The goals of this charity are many and varied but of course all connected to the promotion of natural health. It is quite obvious from the statistics that health is declining rapidly around the world. While there is an element of fitness as displayed by the Olympic Games, various world cups and tournaments and a myriad of individual competitions in a thousand or more major sporting activities, the health is still declining.
Warning bells are ringing as we see obesity and diabetes rates rising to around 60% in many of the developed western countries. In an economy with that many developed cases, who will do the work. Who will provide the necessary production of goods and important services? There are many diseases which render the sufferer incapable of productive activity. Many countries are stepping back on the provision of support for “invalid pensioners” as the numbers multiply every year.
Then on a more personal level, do you wish to be one of those whose life is miserable because you acquired a disease of any sort and they are all painful one way or another. Thats why they call it Dis-ease. Life was meant to be enjoyable. Using a healthy and fit body when you are young to achieve then settling down to the fun and happiness involved in raising a family from inside a healthy body. Sickness was never meant to be part of the plan. It is uncomfortable and expensive to say the least.
So John and the team have studied all the ways to get rid of sickness and disease. 20 years of study and more. And believe us there is an answer to every disease. Every one can be reversed and the patient can get back to health. It is not always easy but it is always possible. So here we are making available this free information to the world and slowly developing a following of people who think the same.
Now do not get us wrong. We are not claiming to be special or to be leading anything. In fact we are one of hundreds of business around the world, which are promoting natural health in an attempt to balance the massive flow towards sickness and misery. Just Google natural methods of healing any of the thousands of diseases listed in the medical encyclopedia and you will find someone doing something about it while the mainstream drive is still to pop a pill and if it does not work pop a different pill. Of course every natural method may not work with every person because everybody has a differently developed metabolism.
So the natural health industry needs some form of documentation and detailing of treatment programs and treatment groups which achieve the positive results. So we are attempting to be the one who provides all this information for free.

Free information.

So the major goal For healthybodychurch is provision of free information and as part of that we started with two websites which now need lots of rebuilding. Problem was that they contained thousands of pages and were a little daunting to most visitors. So we decided to present the information in specific websites for specific ailments or nutritional groups or methods and so on. Now if you look into the medical dictionaries you will find around 10,000 ailments when there were around 200 at the beginning of the 20th century. Fortunately many of them can be treated in groups. For example Thyroid associated diseases number hundreds including most skin conditions, female problems and weight management. By covering these problems under Thyroid and again under skin and female a matrix will be created where each disease is very well covered and the reversal process can be studied and understood by the reader. The full spectrum of ailments can be covered eventually by about two hundred websites and the natural health methods, supplements and associated discussion probably another hundred websites. There will still be many sufferers who need their own website to give detailed instructions.

Given that we see and understand the connection between lifestyle and sickness, there is a logic trail that is clear and understandable to all who wish to understand. There are of course many to whom a serious condition is a comfort sone thing. For some reason they are happy to stay sick. As we have found an answer to almost every other conceivable scenario, we believe that this one will also be solved in the fullness of time.

The information is derived from very reliable sources and most of this actually tested as well. In all cases it is presented as study material. So the recipient is encouraged to seek further the information about the disease and its reversal. Using the information personally or for another is an option which they can accept. Doing so with confidence is not hard when the conditions are explained in full. No diseases are created by aliens or whispy shadows and even bacteria and virus are much less implicated than we are given to believe. Again it has been established by honourable research the it is epigenetics that is responsible for most of our ailments and not genetics. As time goes bye we will have many professionals writing articles in confirmation of the general implications of the presented study material. to add to that we will continue to collate case study collections which validate the information. There will always be antagonists but it is not important to us that any specific number of people are given the opportunity to heal themselves, just that we have made the effort.

Support policy. Healthybodychurch is specifically a supporter of the whole natural health industry. While for the most part the industry is unregulated it always has good intention centrally placed. Most of the practitioners and business have come from commercial and certificated training institutions or practice a healing formula they have positively applied to their own misfortune previously. First hand experience is common and although variations in metabolism will cause some sufferers to respond differently to others, vast benefits are expected.
Further to this there do occur situations where a combination of modalities and methods will be used to get the best results. In this situation healthybody church will be happy to play a role in creating directories of alternative practitioners so coordinated groups of practitioners can join in healing with some certainty of the scope and ability of those they work with. Extensive directories will play a significant role in communication between practitioners, promotion of practitioners and overall knowledge growth into other aspects of the industry.


Support in the form of mentoring is available on most of the websites. Mentoring is designed to assist those who have selected an appropriate path to disease reversal to see clearly the path through provision of additional study information and more extensive explanations. Signs to expect along the healing path will also help as yardsticks of progress. Variations of chosen plans will sometimes speed recovery as the personal differences are revealed during healing. students also need help to stick to the program and ward off the interruptions from well meaning and misinformed friends and family which inevitably occur.

Mentoring will come at a small cost as the mentors need to be trained and paid for their time. Additional mentoring plans will be available for those in a supporting role to the afflicted. It is very important that those in this role understand that day to day discussion, various supportive acts and the extended understanding of the disease and its symptoms and complications, can make a huge difference to the time expected for recovery. Many such assistants will be shown the benefits of undertaking a support role which involves following many of the procedures involved. They are rarely beneficial for just the specific condition and normally are noticeably beneficial for general health as well.

The plans for the future
There are of course many hurdles to jump but the plans have come from coincidences, life itself and healing incidents. Too strong an energy to put aside so we plan to move ahead and achieve. Everything planned is something that is very necessary in this world of declining health. So here it is!

1 Recuperation facilities. Firstly for those recuperating from medical procedures and then for those with serious illness who need to reverse the illness and return to a state of good health. This is not disease management but disease elimination. It has been done by many others and the addition of our facilities will just increase the world capacity for healing. Our facilities will be low cost providing totally nutritious foods and supplements, regular appropriate treatments, exercise and teaching so those gaining health will understand the mechanics of natural health for themselves and others they come into contact with. The first one will open in the Philippines in March 2016.

2 Seminars in various aspects of natural health including some for professionals to meet and communicate with others of complimentary ability and extend their range of knowledge and interest. Those with addictions and ailments will be able to attend seminars to improve understanding of their disease and be pointed to the right path for reversal of the condition. Teens from the last school years will be able to attend Seminars or camps touching on serious subjects such as weight loss and addiction control.

3 Scholarships will be sought and provided to select traditional medicine schools in various countries.

4 An extensive teenage communication platform is being set up at this moment and will be ready for use in late October 2015. This will be extended to include hundreds of specific topic sites to accommodate the inclinations and curiosity of teens with specific interest patterns. The overtone of the series will always be polite conversation and information for the care of body and mind throughout life.