Healing is now the most important topic in the western world. Almost everyone has an ailment of some sort. In fact I just met someone who does not and then wonder how long it will be before they tell me the bad news. Maybe not! How Wonderful!! Well the young lady is in Europe. She is a fitness instructor at nineteen and locked into nutritional foods. Several letters later I am convinced it happens but I have not met one like that for at least 30 years. In fact I meet people every day only to see or listen to their health problems and often just little problems like headaches, hair loss, skin conditions or poor sleep. But as it happens these are just the indicators that something is wrong inside.
Back to the real world. it is an unfortunate fact that almost every child born in most countries today will have some disfiguration of the teeth. Well not perfect and guess what that means. You guessed it that means nutrient deficiency and so the body is imperfect. The disease dodging has started with a deficit. Now maybe I am being pessimistic and feel free to tell me if you think so. I am the one who is tuned into each and every ailment, whether they tell me about it and of course most do. or whether I can see it in the eyes, the hair, the skin tone and discolorations, the palm of the hand, the bone formation etc etc. There used to be an eye type which was blue and like silk with a delicate, orderly pattern from the centre. And now it is believed to be extinct. Although in the backwaters of some of the colder outlying areas I would like to do a search.

But for now there is lots more to achieve and we are starting with information. free information on every aspect of natural health. And yes natural is the only one which works to heal the sick body. All the rest is just sickness management. So we have a love for the world and it’s people. Not the state in which we currently find them but we recognise their potential and if we can contribute anything toward that it makes us happy.

We have tried the natural way and it works everytime for us and many other gifted people and any of those who we have influenced. All showing improvement at noticeable levels. Join us if you like. The site started with the book ‘the healers story” about a life which was altered and straightened by many rare and exciting exposures to natural health. Now it needs rewriting but you know what it is like with books. The original unedited version is the one which gives the greatest tinge of excitement.

So what we are saying is that creation or evolution have given us all the secrets to perfect health. It is all there laid out before us. Whichever your religious feelings the answers are to be found in what our Gods have given us. And there is nothing missing. So any disease can be reversed using natural means. We are of course talking about disease here rather than the results of accidental damage to the human body. Even then most conditions are reversible. The tools include nutrition from natural rather than processed foods. Supplements again from natural herbs and spices, fruits and mineral substances. Many foods prepared and served in a natural way are superfoods, while most processed products contain almost no nutritional substances and certainly no micronutrients.

Treatments work the same way, as our bodies are designed to be exercised and manipulated through a range of movements and massages. Systems exist within our bodies which can prevent or reverse the compromising of many body parts, thus releasing us from disease. Modern medicine has replaced the natural healing ability of our bodies with cutting, burning and poisoning the pathogens or the diseased part of the body. Bodies were designed perfect by God. No part did not have a function. And every part was essential to the whole.

So also the information on natural healing hast been largely lost. The information needs to be restored to a position of ready availability to the world and healing practitioners need to be ready to go into action.

This site explains some of the healing which has been done in the past in many cases where the more mainstream practitioners  have been trying for years. Suffering is not necessary except to appease the demands of our monetary systems. We will go on to list thousands of stories where nature has helped the afflicted through total reversal of their annoying medical conditions. Hope you enjoy what you are reading. Follow the pages through. Natural healing does take some effort but normally for short periods of time and the rewards are fantastic.